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$V3N0M-TEAM is a Jordanian Cyber-Security Students That Participate in CTF Competitions

Who We Are ?

The $V3N0M-TEAM is one of numerous Jordanian Cyber Security teams comprised of University students that are interested in learning about and improving in the field of cyber security. We also enjoy competing in CTF tournaments.

  • Professionalism.
  • Developing.
  • To be the Top.

Our objectives are to develop the Cyber-Security area and to be the best in the world.


$V3N0M-TEAM Members

Wadee Haddad

Wadee-_-haddad / Tom-Jasper

Qays Sarayra


Roza Sako


Ilham Thalji



Check our Projects


Our main CTF-website, which can run and host a CTF practice and competition section.


Our main Crytography-Website, which encodes and decodes the text


The good we secure for ourselves is precarious and uncertain until it is secured for all of us and incorporated into our common life.


Our main Malware-Website, which contains some Number of good stuff.


Our main Software-Tools, which we developed to help us Develop and making everything easier.


$V3N0M-OS is The Ultimate and easiest hacking os ever, which we developed to make it easier to you to hack ;)


This is our main Website of Courses, where we talk about our knowledge and experience in the field of Cyber Security.


Super Thanks For Our Supporters

Sadi Ashlaq

Full-Stack Developer

Islam Rahal

KAIAN founder

Dr. Rami Sihwail

PHD in Cyber-Security